Who are we?

  • Star Simpson is Canidu's electrical engineer. She's hard at work channeling her knowledge of electronics into designing Canidus's projects, as well as designing our parts to be robust, safe, and friendly. She attended Montessori schools for 10 years, and went on to study electrical engineering at MIT. Star originally developed Canidu as a research project in the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. Follow Star.
  • Jason Li is Canidu's designer. He is responsible for making sure our product looks good, plays well and has a solid educational backbone. With degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Education from Brown, Jason has been straddling the education and technology divide for years as a researcher, consultant and most recently as a creative director. He's also the creative force behind Canidu's cartoon instructions; his past comic works were featured on Spanish radio and the BBC. Follow Jason.

Thank You

Friends of Canidu who have helped and supported us:
  • Alan Amaral
  • Liana Araujo-Lane
  • Lukas Biewald
  • Heather Brundage
  • Dustin Boyer
  • Daphna Buchsbaum
  • Joost Bonsen
  • Joshua Goldberg
  • Alison Gopnik
  • Alex Hornstein
  • Xander Hudson
  • Mike Limon
  • Rachel McConnell
  • Shailoh Phillips
  • Mitch Resnick
  • Nadine Rozenoer
  • Jonathan Siegel
  • Jay Silver

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